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Fund a Research Project

Annual and periodic e-newsletters reporting on research milestones, fundraising events and patient resources. This communication is a great way to stay updated on DTRF’s efforts.

This event will bring together a diverse group of scientists including the brightest minds in desmoid tumor research, human genetics, drug development and related fields. The workshop will facilitate an enthusiastic and collegial atmosphere as researchers across disciplines and institutions collaborate around the shared goal of improving treatments for desmoid tumor patients, establishing research priorities and moving the field forward toward a cure.

Level 1: $2,500

Level 2: $5,000

Level 3: $7,500

A full day event for patients and caregivers, where attendees connect and participate in informative lectures and roundtables on desmoid tumors. This meeting takes place in late fall in Philadelphia.

Level 1: $2,500

Level 2: $10,000

Level 3: $15,000

A peer-reviewed grant to collect preliminary data. These projects usually precede multi-year grant submissions.

Level 1: $5,000

Level 2: $10,000

Level 3: $15,000

A desmoid tumor research grant in basic science or a clinical trial at one of the world’s top cancer research centers.

Level 1: $10,000

Level 2: $25,000

Level 3: $50,000

The projects listed are in need of funding for 2018. Please contact Marlene using the form below if you are interested in sponsoring or making a gift towards one of them.