Sera F. Snyder - Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation

Sera F. Snyder

Sera F. Snyder was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor in her abdominal wall in November 2008. Sera Snyder was diagnosed and treated for an abdominal desmoid tumor in 2008 at the age of 26. Her diagnosis and search for treatment options yielded a lot of questions, but few answers.  She initiated lifestyle changes and most importantly a change in her outlook on life – choosing to use this as an experience that propelled a new purpose and passion for her life.  She found a purpose of living her life fully, helping others find the help they need during difficult diagnoses and continuing to find answers and cures for desmoid tumors. Sera changed careers from finance to healthcare to align with her purpose as well and founded Running for Answers (RFA) to raise awareness and money for desmoid tumor research.  She lives in Virginia and remains in an active role in RFA and its fundraising as well as supporting patients through their desmoid diagnoses.