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Phase I Trial for Tegavivint

 At our 11th DTRF Annual Patient Meeting in Philadelphia, we were pleased to have Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals’ Jon Northrup, Chief Executive Officer, and Casey Cunningham, Chief Medical Officer, present an outline of the planned clinical trial of Tegavivint, a new drug that directly interferes with beta-catenin stabilization. Targeting beta-catenin in this way may hold promise for desmoid sufferers, as the science that has evolved shows that desmoid tumors are due to mutations in the beta-catenin gene, CTNNB1, which cause improper degradation of beta-catenin. Tegavivint has shown promise in preclinical studies of desmoid tumors and this trial will be the drug’s first trial in patients.

Beta Cat anticipates clinical sites at the Harvard Hospital system, Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, Northwell Hospital on Long Island, Princess Margaret in Toronto, Canada, University of Washington in Seattle, and MD Anderson in Houston.

We will keep you posted as more details are finalized for this trial. Until then, we recommend watching the video of Dr. Sunil Sharma (University of Utah’s Huntsman Cancer Institute) discussing the drug at last year’s Patient Meeting and perusing the slides from Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals.

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