2013 Wine Tasting Fundraiser - Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation

2013 Wine Tasting Fundraiser

June 5, 2013

Comedienne and media personality Rosie O’Donnell was the honored guest at our June 5th fundraiser in Piermont, New York. Rosie delighted the crowd of 180 attendees with a stand-up comedy routine. Then she stunned everyone by offering to match all donation proceeds for the event. One by one, enthusiastic donors stood to pledge donations which will go to help fund our Collaboration for a Cure drug screen project. With the match, a total of about $170,000 was raised– a huge jump-start to our fundraising campaign for this million dollar project.

Rosie shared both the lighter side and the poignant drama of the diagnosis of her wife Michelle’s desmoid. “With a rare disease that only about a thousand people get every year in the United States, what were the odds of a celebrity being one of them?”, she mused. But she noted that the positive side of this difficult journey is that she can use her celebrity to help raise funds for research for a cure so others will not have to suffer as Michelle has.

Rosie and Michelle graciously stayed another hour to greet people and speak with anyone who wanted to meet them. It was an evening of delicious food, wine and the best of company, as well as great feelings that come from helping a good cause.

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