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Chitra takes the 2021 RFA Virtual Challenge!

September 23, 2021
“2020 has turned out to be an odd year for me, just like it was for everyone, changing my perspective of life completely with over 40 visits to hospitals, countless tests, scans, biopsies, multiple different chemotherapies, and treatments that did not work for me. I wish there were more and better options available for people with a rare disease like this.” – Chitra K.

Even though she was diagnosed only last year, Chitra has already walked a difficult road. The sobering reality that she was quickly running out of treatment options to try motivated her to take the 2021 #RFAVirtualChallenge and go the #Distance4Desmoids. She has committed to walking 100 miles and biking another 100 miles to inspire donations for desmoid tumor research! She’s already walked 33 miles and SURPASSED her fundraising goal with two months to go! THANK YOU, Chitra K.. and team!

Our community needs YOU to take the #RFAVirtualChallenge!

Going the #Distance4Desmoids can be literal – like a step or mileage goal – or it can be any kind of creative challenge, whether artistic, musical, or wacky! It’s up to you! To get started, simply register at no cost for the DTRF “Together We Will” Virtual Weekend (Sept. 24-26) at, then check your email to claim your fundraising page. #DTRFWeekend2021



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