2nd Annual JoeStrong Volleyball Tournament - Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation

2nd Annual JoeStrong Volleyball Tournament

October 21, 2017

Special thank you to all who joined Joe Erickson for his volleyball tournament on October 21st in Austin, TX! Joe decided to fundraise as a virtual participant in RFA this year, since he wasn’t able to make it to Philadelphia for DTRF’s events. 

Through the tournament and 12 basket charity raffle, this event raised over $3,300! Thank you, Joe!


Message from Joe E.


I was diagnosed with an Aggressive Desmoid tumor in 2010. There is no known cure for this disease. My battle with this tumor has taken me through bouts with chemotherapy drugs, surgeries, and radiation treatment. Although challenging at times, I’m able to handle the current tumor size and location while waiting for a cure. All event proceeds to benefit the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation.

You can learn more about my personal story or if you’d like to donate, please do here: JoeStrong


Thank you for your support!


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