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Resources for Research

As part of our mission to facilitate desmoid tumor research and collaboration, this section of is dedicated to the compilation of an ongoing list of available desmoid tumor research resources.

These resources are being offered without charge to the desmoid tumor research community to facilitate studies in desmoid tumors. New submissions to the list are welcomed and appreciated.

This list is updated by Mushriq Al-Jazrawe, Ph.D. Student at The Hopsital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. If you have any additional resources you’d like to contribute to the list, please contact him at

Mouse Lines

The attached list includes several transgenic desmoid tumor mouse lines with brief descriptions to help investigators determine if a specific line is compatible with their studies. Also noted is a detailed description of the line for citation purposes.

Application for use of the resources is initiated by sending a descriptive paragraph to detailing (1) the investigator’s contact information, (2) the need for the resource and how and by whom it will be used, (3) the interest in and commitment to desmoid tumor research on the part of the investigator and the institution. Please attach a CV for the investigator.

After the application is accepted, the investigator will need to complete a material transfer agreement (MTA) from the source lab (which can be arranged by emailing the principal investigator), and ensure that they have ethical approval to use these lines by adding the mouse line to their institution’s animal protocol. Questions can be directed to