CME-Certified Program on the Latest Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Desmoid Tumors - Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation

CME-Certified Program “Addressing Key Questions About the Latest Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Desmoid Tumors".

On behalf of the The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation and PVI, PeerView Institute for Medical Education, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the CME-certified PeerView onDemand activity, “Addressing Key Questions About the Latest Diagnostic and Therapeutic Advances in Desmoid Tumors.

Desmoid tumors are rare but aggressive soft-tissue tumors characterized by locally invasive growth, significant morbidity, and a high rate of recurrence. Considering that they are so rare, there are many challenges related to their recognition and establishment of an accurate diagnosis, and referral to a specialist is essential. Effective therapies have been lacking, but a number of systemic and local therapy options have been assessed in recent trials, with mixed results. Gamma secretase inhibitors are among the most recent promising, rational therapies for desmoid tumors that may transform the management of this disease. Given the transition of care from surgical approaches to more conservative strategies, the emergence of new systemic therapies, and the increasing importance of multidisciplinary coordination of care, there is an urgent need to address key questions and nuances related to modern treatment of patients with desmoid tumors.

This educational program comprises a series of short, focused educational modules that hone in on some of the key questions in the diagnosis and treatment of desmoid tumors. Experts provide an update on the evolving evidence base for new and emerging therapies, and offer practical, case-based guidance for the multidisciplinary care team to help facilitate the application of recent advances to practice with the goal of improving patient care and outcomes. Patient perspectives and experiences are also integrated into the activity to highlight the importance of their education and engagement in care decisions.

You may access the online/mobile version here:  ACCESS PROGRAM

This PeerView program is chaired and presented by Ravin Ratan, MD, M.Ed from the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Ratan is joined on the faculty by Christina L. Roland, MD, MS, FACS, from MD Anderson Cancer Center and desmoid tumor patient, Kathleen Hodgkins.

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to:

  • Characterize the epidemiology, predisposing factors, molecular pathogenesis, and clinical characteristics of desmoid tumors
  • Implement validated strategies that harness multidisciplinary team-based approaches for rapid recognition and accurate diagnosis of desmoid tumors
  • Incorporate novel therapeutic approaches, including novel gamma-secretase inhibitors, into practice in the management of patients with desmoid tumors, taking into account the latest evidence, recommendations, and patient needs and preferences


PeerView Practice Aids (below) were also developed as part of this activity. Practice Aids are intended to provide learners with practical patient management tools and references to reinforce the education received in the activity.

This on-demand activity will be available for CME credit through February 22, 2024.
We are grateful for the support of SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc. in making this important educational activity possible.