DeAnn takes the 2021 RFA Virtual Challenge!

September 23, 2021

“See that storm coming in behind me? It’s nothing that I can’t handle because I am all decked out in my teal kayak, teal glasses, and my DTRF hat.” – DeAnn, #RFAChallenger

DeAnn has been battling desmoid tumors in her leg for nearly 30 years. But 15 years ago, the ability to fundraise for critical research through DTRF took her from feeling powerless to empowered.

This year, despite being paralyzed from the knee down in one leg, DeAnn is going the #Distance4Desmoids by kayaking and riding her stationary bike the mileage equivalent from her home in Utah to Philadelphia…2,141 miles, which is also her fundraising goal amount. Once again, she is calling on her virtual team of friends and family to contribute miles and donations to help her “arrive” in Philly and reach her goal! THANK YOU, DeAnn and team!

DeAnn is also the “Cheer Captain” of the RFA Challenge Chat, a fun and inspiring Facebook group community of active and prospective #RFAChallengers. Request to join today!

Going the #Distance4Desmoids can be literal – like a step or mileage goal – or it can be any kind of creative challenge, whether artistic, musical, or wacky! It’s up to you! To get started, simply register at no cost for the DTRF “Together We Will” Virtual Weekend (Sept. 24-26, 2021) at, then check your email to claim your fundraising page.

Learn more about the #RFAVirtualChallenge at 


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