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Annual Patient Meeting

DTRF has established a very successful annual fall patient meeting which brings patients, physicians and researchers together from around the country for education, support and collaboration. This patient meeting provides a supportive environment for patient interaction and informative lectures by clinicians and researchers.

The DTRF Annual Patient Meeting is always followed the next day by our signature fall DTRF fundraising event, Running for Answers 5K & Kids’ Fun Run. Our fundraising events around the country promote awareness and give patients and their families and friends a healing way to make a difference as proactive advocates for a cure.

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Patients are no longer fighting this disease alone. From firsthand experience we know what it is like to hear “you have a desmoid tumor.” The key to starting this journey with confidence is information! You’ll find this website to be a clearing house of important information.

Most of all, we seek to support patients by giving them hope through funding research for a cure.

Learn more about Desmoid tumors and what they are here.

If you are diagnosed with a desmoid tumor, it is recommended that you be seen in a major, academic hospital with experts in sarcoma.

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