International Research Workshop

2023 DTRF International Desmoid Tumor Research Workshop

Friday, September 22, 2023

The DTRF International Desmoid Tumor Research Workshop is part of the DTRF Together We Will Weekend, taking place in Philadelphia, PA. Register for the Weekend here.

Designed for researchers and medical professionals, this critically important, collaborative workshop is a meeting of some of the brightest minds in desmoid tumor research from a variety of disciplines. The Research Workshop not only facilitates new collaborations in research, but also helps DTRF identify research priorities for the coming years. We are sincerely grateful to our attendees who play a key role in advancing the field of desmoid tumor research.

The DTRF International Research Workshop features:
* A forum to share research findings, develop new collaborations, bring new scientists into the research field, and discuss innovations that will lead to new treatments
* Live questions/answers and discussions related to the scientific talks
* Group discussions focusing on gaps in desmoid tumor science and how best to address them through high impact collaborative research
* Posters and pre-recorded scientific talks on current research that attendees are encouraged to view in advance of the meeting
Below are details of past Research Workshops.