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Kate V. takes the 2021 RFA Virtual Challenge!

September 23, 2021

“I’ve been on three different chemotherapy treatments in under a year. Desmoid tumors effect each patient so differently and we need to find a cure.” – Kate V., #RFAChallenger

Last year, Kate was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor in her thigh. She quickly learned that she could play a part in helping fund a cure for the #raredisease that changed her life. With her first diagnosis anniversary coming up in September, she dove right into this year’s #RFAVirtualChallenge!

Kate is going the #Distance4Desmoids by promising to walk 5 miles for every $300 she raises. After just one week of sharing her fundraiser, she was (pleasantly) surprised to find out that she is already on the hook to walk 50 MILES! Since her desmoid might make that distance difficult, she is also asking friends and family to walk on her behalf and donate the miles. THANK YOU, Kate V. and team!

Going the #Distance4Desmoids can be literal – like a step or mileage goal – or it can be any kind of creative challenge, whether artistic, musical, or wacky! It’s up to you! To get started, simply register at no cost for the DTRF “Together We Will” Virtual Weekend (Sept. 24-26) at DTRF.org/weekend, then check your email to claim your fundraising page.

Join Kate and fellow Challengers in the RFA Challenge Chat, a fun and inspiring Facebook group community of active and prospective #RFAChallengers. Request to join today!

Learn more about the #RFAVirtualChallenge at DTRF.org/rfa

With our community’s support, TOGETHER WE WILL…FUND A CURE! 

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