Top 5 Reasons to Attend the annual DTRF “Together We Will” Weekend

DTRF "Together We Will" Weekend & RFA 5K & Fun Run

The annual DTRF Together We Will Weekend is September 22-24! We hope you’re already making plans to be there with us in Philadelphia, but just in case you need a little convincing, here are the top 5 reasons to attend!

1. To connect.

Patients often say that the moment they first met another desmoid tumor patient in person is the moment they stopped feeling alone.

When you attend the annual DTRF Together We Will Weekend, you will meet other desmoid tumor patients (perhaps for the very first time), connect more deeply with those you already know, and/or be the veteran patient that shares your experience and wisdom with someone newly diagnosed. Whatever your circumstances, these personal connections are invaluable and can make this journey a little easier.

This is the largest annual gathering of desmoid tumor patients in the world. Be a part of this foundational weekend! Click here to register. 

2. To be part of something bigger.

Every attendee arrives with one significant thing in common: first-hand, personal experience with desmoid tumors. So, even if you come by yourself and you’re not an extrovert, it’s easy to connect with others quickly and naturally build your community of support.

Stickers colored to represent the location of your tumors are available to add to your name tag, making it simple to find others with a similar experience. The DTRF Together We Will Weekend is a warm and welcoming space for all affected by this rare disease and the perfect place to get to know your community!

This year, fostering collaboration between our patients/caregivers and our desmoid tumor experts is a top priority, because we all have the same goal of working together to improve outcomes and eventually find a cure for desmoid tumors. It will take every facet of our community to reach that goal, so let’s connect, collaborate and learn from each other!

3. To empower yourself.

Being your own best advocate means staying abreast of the latest advancements in desmoid tumor research and treatments.

The experts attending the DTRF Together We Will Weekend present on new research, promising medical therapies, upcoming clinical trials, and brand new therapeutic options, often months, sometimes years, before they become widely known in the field. Desmoid tumor research is advancing every single year and therefore no annual event is alike.

Gain the knowledge you need to ask the right questions, become aware of cutting-edge research to share with your physicians back home, and make informed future treatment decisions.

4. To learn and share.

Our distinguished speakers are leaders in the field of desmoid tumors and their presentations aim to deliver the most updated information on research, potential treatments and ways to help our community find answers.

Cryoablation, HIFU, Nexavar, nirogacestat (SpringWorks Therapeutics’ gamma-secretase inhibitor), and AL102 (Ayala Pharmaceuticals’ gamma-secretase inhibitor) were all presented at DTRF Patient Meetings months, in some cases years, before becoming widely known in the field.

One of the best ways a patient can ensure proper treatment is by staying up to date on the research and advancements in the field. Patients often feel more confident making difficult treatment decisions when they can also consider what is on the horizon.

During DTRF Together We Will Weekend, the learning flows both ways. The weekend is structured as an ongoing conversation between experts and patients, an information exchange that benefits our entire community. This is your chance to ask some of the top physicians and researchers your questions in person and share your unique desmoid tumor experience.

5. To celebrate our community, raise awareness and have fun at the RFA 5K Run & Walk!

Now that we are meeting in person again (finally), our annual weekend will culminate with the RFA 5K Run & Walk. Don’t let the name fool you, we welcome ALL types of participation. Our accessible course in beautiful Fairmount Park, Philadelphia provides the perfect backdrop for a day of fun and celebration. Even some of our medical and industry partners are bringing teams this year! Yes, the kids’ Fun Run will be back too! Click here to register for RFA.

Can I still fundraise?

Absolutely! Just like the “virtual” years after Covid, you have the option to create a personal fundraiser to encourage giving. Click here to register for RFA, share your challenge with your friends and family, and join our RFA Champions Chat on Facebook to connect with other Champions who are fundraising virtually. The RFA awards ceremony on 9/24 will be live streamed from Philadelphia–virtual fundraisers are included!

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