DTRF-sponsored Virtual Tumor Board

If you are facing severe challenges in your desmoid tumor treatment and time is of the essence, your case may be eligible for review by the DTRF Virtual Tumor Board. Led by Dr. Aaron Weiss, the Tumor Board is an international quarterly videoconference allowing physicians to discuss their desmoid tumor cases with leading specialists in the field and receive input.
To be considered, physicians should submit their patient’s case as soon as possible to lynne@dtrf.org.
Additionally, please note the following:
1) Only a physician can submit and present a patient’s case.
2) Space is extremely limited. Life-threatening or other time-sensitive cases will take priority during the selection process.
3) This is not for cases where patients are currently on an active surveillance (“watch and wait”) plan.
The DTRF is pleased to be able to offer this important resource *free of charge* to help patients and their physicians. If you feel your case may be eligible, have a conversation with your physician as soon as possible and please have your doctor reach out to us directly here.
Aaron Weiss, DO, Chair, DTRF Virtual Tumor Board
In 2017, the Foundation sponsored its first DTRF Virtual Tumor Board. This meeting, which is held via teleconference, allows doctors to discuss their desmoid tumor cases with other leading specialists in the field. Led by Dr. Aaron Weiss, pediatric oncologist at Maine Medical Center and Chair of DTRF’s Medical Advisory Board, this initiative is designed to provide additional input to physicians who have difficult cases as well as practitioners who do not have a lot of experience treating this tumor type.
The tumor board is held quarterly free of charge, and each call covers about three cases. Presenting physicians share de-identified patient history and scans with the rest of the board. Specialists invited to weigh in are in the fields of oncology, radiology, surgical oncology, pathology and radiation oncology.
We are grateful to Dr. Weiss for his leadership and extend our thanks to the experts who participate from around the world in this important project.