A Global Consensus Paper On The Treatment of Desmoid Tumors

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first-of-its-kind global consensus paper on desmoid tumor treatment in the European Journal of Cancer.

The Global Consensus Paper is a powerful resource for patients, caregivers and medical professionals.
which was derived from the scientific paper.
This project has come to fruition thanks to the hard work and collaboration of an international group of physicians and scientists, as well as patient advocates.
By evaluating existing evidence from prior scientific publications, and incorporating the input of desmoid tumor experts worldwide, the paper is the first international evidence-based consensus of its kind on the treatment of desmoid tumors. It answers critical questions regarding approach to treatment recommendations, types of treatments, and pain management.
There are varying treatments used for desmoid tumors and access to medical therapies and information greatly varies by country. Many patients are treated based on the experience and expertise of a single physician, which may be limited. DTRF has made it a priority to improve this situation by making this collaborative paper available to physicians and patients worldwide. This paper is, in part, the result of a 2018 DTRF grant entitled “An evidence-based consensus on the treatment of desmoids/aggressive fibromatosis.”
This essential research would not be possible without you! Thank you for your support!