Newly-Diagnosed? - Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation


If you’ve been diagnosed with a desmoid tumor, please know that you are not alone.

The mission of The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation is to aggressively fund research to accelerate the development of improved therapies, and ultimately find a cure for desmoid tumors. We collaborate with dedicated researchers and clinicians worldwide to improve the lives of patients through education, awareness, and support.

Here are important first steps for you in dealing with this new diagnosis:


1- Learn as much as you can about desmoid tumors to ensure that you get the best care possible. YOU are your best advocate.

  • Visit Diagnosis and Treatment to learn more about desmoid tumors.
  • Check out some FAQs (including a series of videos by Dr. Breelyn Wilky) about desmoid tumors and treatment options.
  • Review the current clinical trials and discuss them with your doctor.
  • Read the treatment consensus paper and bring it with you to your doctor’s appointment.


2- Receive regular updates about the latest research findings, clinical trials, and DTRF activities.


3- Find a sarcoma specialist.

  • Finding the right doctor who can partner with you is essential. It is recommended that you be evaluated in a major academic hospital with experts in sarcoma, by a multi-disciplinary team including a surgeon, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, geneticist, and nurse.
  • Visit Find a Physician to find a specialist near you.


4- Help advance desmoid tumor research by participating in our patient registry.

  • There is a great need to gather more information about the patient experience throughout the desmoid journey. Simply by anonymously answering questions through the registry, you can help those struggling with desmoid tumors.
  • Our patient registry is up and running at Email us at if you have any questions.


5- Get connected.


6- Save the date!


Do you live in outside of the U.S.? Read more about our partners here.