Dealing with Desmoids

Dealing with Desmoids: Mental Health Tools for the Desmoid Patient

Join Ashley Williams, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and desmoid tumor patient, as she presents “Dealing with Desmoids: Mental Health Tools for the Desmoid Patient”, an educational program series hosted by The DTRF.

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The impact of a desmoid diagnosis can reach far beyond just the physical challenges. It can also pose serious mental and emotional hurdles as well. Our mental health series will dive into the unique experience of a desmoid patient and provide mental health education, tools, and strategies for coping with the emotional challenges of this diagnosis. All “Dealing with Desmoids” programs will be recorded and posted on this page.

Session 6: Survivor's Guilt & Toxic Positivity

Session 5: Making Meaning

Session 4: Self-Care for the Desmoid Patient

Session 3: Coping with Loneliness, Fear and Anxiety

Session 2: Grief, Loss and Post-Traumatic Growth

Session 1: Trauma Resilience

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