The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF) is the only foundation in the world solely dedicated to funding desmoid tumor research and finding a cure.
When the DTRF was founded in 2005, there was very little research on the disease. Since then, DTRF has engaged some of the world’s foremost experts in the search for a cure and has dramatically changed the research landscape.
We fund research projects at some of the world’s top cancer research centers in basic science. A priority is to facilitate collaboration between researchers 
from different institutions to expedite the development of a cure.

DTRF-funded research seeks to determine what goes wrong in cells to generate these tumors, what medical and surgical options work best, and what existing drugs or potential new drugs could provide effective treatments.

DTRF-funded research has already made significant advancements in our understanding of the disease. Discoveries made through desmoid tumor research can also potentially be applied to many other kinds of cancers such as breast, colon, ovarian and other sarcoma cancers.

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